The scariest week of the year is a blast for us!

We love working with Discovery Channel on the super popular Shark Week programming. They’re a wildly creative group who love practical, user friendly solutions. Their favorite ideas are always unique and fun and fit right in with the trends of the times. We’ve offered Discovery tons of Shark Week products from koozies to shirts, USB’s to socks. All a huge hit with their viewers and fit in perfectly with the Shark Week branding and theme.

Maintain your privacy.

It’s been all over the news and Turner Broadcasting is taking the threat seriously.

Each year, thousands of people’s privacy is compromised through the webcam on their computers. Crazy as it may seem, your webcam can be hacked and you can be watched – in real-time. Yuck, right?

Turner’s Information Security Office wants to put a stop to it in their offices so they asked us to find them a webcam cover to help keep their employees safer while online. Problem solved!

Dress for success.

Woodgrain Millwork needed a solution for their employee uniforms and that solution needed to meet a whole lot of challenges. First, their shirts needed to be snag proof so that after a long day in the warehouse, employees were still looking sharp. Next, shirts needed to be cool and comfy and finally, they needed to be made in a wide range of sizes from extra small to 4XL tall.

We provided these shirts to Woodgrain and they certainly meet every challenge. They’re functional, while still looking professional. Now, all Woodgrain employees from the warehouse to the boardroom are dressed for success!

They love to fly and it shows.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of travelers take guided tours of the busiest airport in the US so when Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport asked for gift ideas for those visitors, we knew just what they needed. Sticking with the travel theme, we provided them with versatile backpacks that can go from the boardroom to the beach – all depending on their next stop!

Cost efficient company stores.

We have set up company stores for several of our clients including Peak-RyzexThis allows their employees to log in to purchase company apparel and branded gifts for clients. Makes it nice and easy for everyone!

We’ve got products for every need. Whether it’s an event or meeting, a new product launch or you just to tell your customer’s that you appreciate their business, we’ve got you covered!